Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Flash #5 'review'

I'm not much of a 'talker' so my review is really just a bunch of thoughts I've had regarding this issue...

1. Is is wrong of me to complain that The Flash issue moved too fast? I feel like I'm getting mad at the Pope for being Catholic...

2. Why is Keystone and Central City surrounded by 'The Badlands'??

Wiki describes 'bandlands' as "a type of dry terrain where softer sedimentary rocks and clay-rich soils have been extensively eroded by wind and water. It can resemble malpais, a terrain of volcanic rock. Canyons, ravines, gullies, hoodoos and other such geological forms are common in badlands. They are often difficult to navigate by foot. Badlands often have a spectacular color display that alternates from dark black/blue coal stria to bright clays to red scoria."
For reference here's The Chinle Badlands at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah:

3. I LOVE the art of The Flash. The way everything is drawn, I could stare at the art for hours and still find new things to appreciate. Even the panels are works of art:


4. So far, I'm liking the redesigns of some of Flash's rogues. Folded man and Girder are looking a lot better than they used to:

5. Like Wally West, I really don't like time travel, so I'm extremely apprehensive about this whole fractures in time thing that Barry's got going on...

Overall, I'm liking the new 52 Flash and while I miss Wally, I'm enjoying this fresh look at things. I think, ultimately, accepting that Wally is not coming back has made all the difference..

..Single Synapse Theory..

Friday, 27 January 2012

JLA #59 Flash/Superman race

An off-panel race between The Flash and Superman...

At this point in Wally's career, I wouldn't be surprised if he won, though Superman's responce makes me wonder if it was more of a tie..

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm Batman!

From the new 52 Justice League # 1
...Batman proves why he is awesome...

It's no wonder Wally had issues...

From Justice League International #24
No wonder poor Wally had issues replacing Barry with comments like these...

I always found it interesting that Wally had such issues about replacing Barry as the Flash. I certainly enjoyed the character development that came with that issue, however, I never quite 'got' why Wally would feel that way.
Now I know. It's interesting, with everything that's happened in the DC universe, heroes would treat Wally this way. I mean, Barry wasn't technically the REAL Flash either (Jay Garrick anyone?)..

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Impulse can read lips really well..... or so he says

From Young Justice issue 20
This is, from my understanding, the first time the audience gets a hint that Impulse can do what no other speedster can - read a book at superspeed and remember it for more than a couple of seconds.

 Of course, reading something and understanding it are two completely different things..
Last panel, I really love this. Especially Bart's "What kinda stupid name is Timmy Drake??"

Sunday, 1 January 2012

How to keep Impulse off-balance

From Impulse #5

Do you feel stretchy?

From Young Justice.

Context: After the 'Sins of Youth' storyline, Superboy looses his powers. Bart feels sorry for him, searches through his comics and finds a few alternative ways for Sup's to get some powers. Including secretly serving him 'super juice' (dont' even ask me what was in it), making him eat a spider (to which Secret says "I think it's supposed to be radioactive) and finally, dousing Superboy in the same chemicals that gave The Flash his powers and electrocuting him....