Saturday, 31 December 2011

The New 52 - Teen Titans 4

What a rush I felt when I realised TT4 was ready to be read!
As a whole, I actually enjoy this comic. I think the characters are enjoyable, and I really like the dynamics of the group so far.

On a Kid Flash not, I am really excited! I think the idea that he does not yet know about his past is exciting, and I believe it will lead into some nice tie ins for The Flash series.

I just had to add this, from the issue too. It's very 'Bart':  

And, it reminded me of Teen Titans issue 23 (The new speedy has just revealed that she has AIDS, Wonder Girl is admitting her fear of her new lasso, and bart, well...):

Finally, The last page pose! Again, adding some of Bart's well-known and wonderful humour!

Friday, 30 December 2011

You've got me...

From Young Justice: No mans land

Bart and Billy

From Young Justice Secret Files and Origins.

This page showed the reasons why Impulse was always the last one to YJ meetings. It was mainly because of his 'detour' to Africa, getting directions back from a monkey, ending up asking for further directions from Nightwing, and 'saving' Billy Batson (Aka Captain Marvel) from a lightning strike.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Infinite Crisis #6

Batman has a wicked sense of humour

Yeah, that's right, I invited you to an event that could well cost you your life, just to see if you would come. Why? Because I'm Batman. That's why.

Young Justice #7 and #9

Why 'Truth or Dare' isn't the type of game to play with Impulse.

The group discussing if they would ever give up their hero life. Impulse's response is classic.
Fire in hand, building a temple out of...waffles? Totally normal!

From YJ #9, another examples of 'classic Impulse'. I love how predictable Robin *thinks* he is.

Impulse meets Robin

From the Robin Plus Impulse comic (though, I think Impulse really steals the show, but I would).

Tim Drake, ever the detective, deduces Impulse's secret identity very quickly.

Later on in the same comic, Robin and Impulse and trying to stop a nuclear disaster. With the launch set to go off in 1.33 minutes, and Impulse having to go through trillions of combinations (the code has 5 numbers, then 3 letters, then 2 numbers), Robin is (understandably) freaking out. Impulse, however, states that "it took me a lot less than that to crack Zelda". I just love Impule's attempts to 'confuse' the computer here.

Finally, to finish it off.

The start of a great friendship, methinks.

Introductions - From Impulse #1

Impulse #1 cover

Raised in VR (Virtual Reality), Bart aka Impulse, has no real sense of danger, and acts on impulse. I like the way it's described here.

A great example of Bart getting used to 'reality'. Looking for the on switch on a pencil? Classic Bart.

I love the genuiness (sp?) of Bart. Even when he becomes Kid Flash, he is still very innocent and genuine. He is by far, my favourite kid/teen superhero.
Hi! Welcome to the blog of 'flashfan'. Here I will be posting scans from all the comics I have read and loved, and you will notice that most will feature The Flash (hence the name 'flashfan').

Most scans will be from the following titles:
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My favourite DC heroes/characters (before the reboot, that is) are:
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