Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Impulse meets Robin

From the Robin Plus Impulse comic (though, I think Impulse really steals the show, but I would).

Tim Drake, ever the detective, deduces Impulse's secret identity very quickly.

Later on in the same comic, Robin and Impulse and trying to stop a nuclear disaster. With the launch set to go off in 1.33 minutes, and Impulse having to go through trillions of combinations (the code has 5 numbers, then 3 letters, then 2 numbers), Robin is (understandably) freaking out. Impulse, however, states that "it took me a lot less than that to crack Zelda". I just love Impule's attempts to 'confuse' the computer here.

Finally, to finish it off.

The start of a great friendship, methinks.

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