Saturday, 31 December 2011

The New 52 - Teen Titans 4

What a rush I felt when I realised TT4 was ready to be read!
As a whole, I actually enjoy this comic. I think the characters are enjoyable, and I really like the dynamics of the group so far.

On a Kid Flash not, I am really excited! I think the idea that he does not yet know about his past is exciting, and I believe it will lead into some nice tie ins for The Flash series.

I just had to add this, from the issue too. It's very 'Bart':  

And, it reminded me of Teen Titans issue 23 (The new speedy has just revealed that she has AIDS, Wonder Girl is admitting her fear of her new lasso, and bart, well...):

Finally, The last page pose! Again, adding some of Bart's well-known and wonderful humour!

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